Balancing Time

I always have a problem with balancing my time. I am always late in my life until I started to work in a Japanese firm. It is always so hard to focus when you have to many things on your check list. I always end up doing nothing and feeling bad for myself.

Getting back into school while working is the toughest and demanding phase of my life. I am having a middle manager role where I need to exert greater effort on exceeding expectation to achieve my career goals and I have to balance that with my MBA requirements. More to that I have personal matters which include getting engaged and preparing for a wedding. In the early years of my career I learned how prioritizing is critical and very important lesson but what should you do if everything is in priority?

I have listed below some techniques that helps me currently to get though a highly demanding job with extensive travel requirement and a demanding MBA schedule and deadlines.

1. Create a check list

This is very important because it will give you a gausge on how much time you need. Start listing all of your responsibilities and list under that the things you need to accomplish. Below is a snapshot of my to do list on both work and school.


Once you are done with listing the requirements, put the deadlines beside it and put everything in your calendar. This will prompt you whether you are done with the deadline or not. Putting it in your calendar will also give you a reminder if you are on track or not. It is very difficult to keep on pushing back your targets and ending up to have to do three hard tasks in a day. Once you are done, start ranking your deadlines based on date and put it in your priority list.

2. Productivity Applications

There are several applications in android or appstore that are meant to help you with productivity. The key is to focus and keep your eyes on your target. There are too many distractions around you, do not fall on the traps and feel sorry later. Its better to finish your deadlines first before you do unnecessary things.

3. Stick to your goal

Your biggest enemy is procrastination! Finish everything that you can while you can. The best thing that could happen is to have free time and stress free day or week or even months. This is only possible if you keep on focusing in your goal and keep on pushing yourself to finish your deadline and starting ahead of other requirements so you have plenty of time to finish it. Finishing ahead of time is always a good feeling and a great achievement to be proud of.

4. Stop complaining and just do it

Sometimes we complain first before we actually do something. I remember there was a time where I cried because I was too busy and I have a lot of things to do. I feel so pressured and helpless so I just cried. After crying I realized nothing happened so I ended up wasting my time complaining and feeling sorry for myself. No one can really help you but yourself. So man up and face all the consequences of your choices because at the end of the day, what you do can make you better. The challenges you face today will make you stronger tomorrow. The best thing to do is to pray for guidance and do your best until you are done.

5. Have a good support system

I am lucky because my fiance is very understanding and he is also very supportive so I am not having a hard time. It is very important to have a partner that will support you in everything that you do and will bring out the best in you. I talk to him to share my insights and issues and he gladly listens and sometime argues with me if I’m being emotional. He comforts me when I am so tired and he gives me all the things I need. If your partner does not understand you, you should start thinking.

At the end of it all, stay focus in your goal which is to succeed in life. Find the things that motivates you and if you feel losing on track always remember the moment you chose that path. Keep a journal of your life goals so you get back on you feet and start again.

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